Treatment tables are the time tables used by the team for recompression treatment. Different tables are used for different DCS conditions, and the nature of any incident which may have lead to the DCs injury, such as rapid ascents or missed decompression stops. Determining which table to use is one of the roles of the dive doctor.

Once a treatment has started, the caualty is monitored by the dive doctor, in liason with the attendant within the chamber. Adjustments to the treatment can be made, but this is normally only done to extend a treatment, particularly if the casualty has not responded favourably to the treatment table in use.

Treatments are not normally reduced in time, even if the casualty has responded well to the current recompression therapy.   

The most commonly used treatment for DCS is RN Table 62. The casualty is compressed in the chamber to an equivalent depth of 18 metres. breathing 100% oxygen, interspersed with 5 minute air breaks. The treatment on this table will normaly last for for approx 4hours and 45 minutes but extensions to this treatment are possible.

Shown below are tables 61 and 62. For further information on the use of treatment tables, please see the FAQ section

Table 61

Table 62