Andy de la Cour 

Andy is an engineer and experienced Dive Master, he has been with the team since 2002, and  as Chairman and Safety Officer of the JHTC he has a number of responsibilities, including the overseeing of all operations, training, plant and equipment maintenance activities etc from a safety aspect.  He is also  responsible for the overall strategic development of the facility. Contact Andy at

Grahame Seaford,

Grahame is also one of team supervisors at the Chamber. As a team member since 2005 and a technical diver, Grahame is both knowledgeable and experienced in the subject of DCS. Contact Grahame at

Martyn Chatel

Martyn is a founder memeber of the JHTC, and was a prime mover in the original concept way back in the early eighties. An engineer by profession and perfectionist by nature makes him a hard act to follow when it comes to being the chamber Technical Supervisor. Martyn brings a whealth of experience and knowledge to the team and its operation, and has been instrumental in the management of  team training and development, and all operational pratices and procedures. Contact Martyn at

Rob Hagin

Rob joined the team in 2003 and is currently the Training Oficer responsible for all aspects of team training. Rob is also a team supervisor, responsible for the safe and effective operation of the team and the chamber during treatments. As a technical diver he appreciates the importance of the hyperbaric chamber and is very active in promoting the chamber in amongst the diving comunity. Contact Rob at

Elaine le Claire

Elaine is an employee of the Jersey ambulance service and has been with the team since 2004. A Technical diver, Dive Medic Technician, and the only diving instructor in Jersey, qualified to teach diving to deaf people,using sign language. She is also the Vice Chair of the chamber committee. Contact Elaine at

Mark Andrews

Mark is the treasurer of the JHTC and joined the team in 2006. An experienced Dive Master, and a professional in the finance industry as well as a Team Supervisor, makes him a key member in the running of the chamber. Contact Mark at

Sally Spencer

Sally is the Hyperbaric Team Secretary, looking after all the clerical needs of the team and the running of the organisation.  As a keen diver and a midwife by profession she brings  medical knowledge and experience to the team, particulary when dealing with people in what can be stressful situations.

Andy Smith

Andy and together with his wife Jill joined the team in 2009 (below), they make the team very much a family affair. Andy is a keen diver and has many technical skills which are invaluable in small membership run charity organisation such as ours, and has just become the 6 supervisor.

Darius Dolbel

Darius joined the team in 2011, and has completed his training, works as a Self Employed Plumbing and Heating Engineer and is a keen diver

Jacinta Hartigan

Jacinta joined the team at the end of 2011, keen warm water diver and enjoys paragliding, nurse by profession.