The JHTC  team are a group of trained volunteers dedicated to the treatment of divers affected by decompresion sickness. The team members are a mix of men and women, divers and non divers, headed by a small group of doctors who specialise in diving medicine. The members are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and undertake all training and treatment sessions in their own time.

 Located at the Albert Pier St Helier the Jersey Hyperbaric Treatment Centre (JHTC) is a charity organisation funded soley by the donations of divers and sponsors.

The dive team meet on a regular basis, usualy a Tuesday evening for training purposes. Visitors are always welcomed and experiential dives can be arranged.  Although the the chamber is not manned 24/7 you can arrange a 'Pot' dive or contact the team, via email at or  telephone on 01534 725966.