As part of our role in educating divers about DCS, we are pleased to be able to offer divers experiential dry dives, we call them 'Pot Dives'.

Apart from the problems associated with DCS, a diver may find being put into the hyperbaric chamber a worrying experience. Nobody enjoys being enclosed in small spaces. Pot dives are valuable in that they introduce divers to the chamber, its function and of course the team members. Introducing divers to the chamber this way takes away a lot of the fear and anxiety brought about by not knowing what happens when we treat  someone in the chamber.

Pot dives are a 'fun' experience with a serious message which we believe all divers new and old should experience.

if you are a diving instructor, why not introduce your student divers to the Chamber as part of their development. If your are an experienced diver or group of divers, and would like to try a 'Pot Dive' give us a call or email us at We would love to meet you.